What if…

“What if…” is a platform open to people from around the world for sharing their defining moments that left a lasting impression and helped them to simplify their life, their work and their relationships.

We believe that everyone can inspire other people through their personal story.

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This is what we want the “What if” platform to represent, a collection of two-minute stories about something that helped you to add more light and clarity into your life. Something that made you say:


What if … I had known this years ago?


What if … someone would have told me this before?


Everyone who had a “what if story…” a “turning point moment” is invited to join. What if… wants to be the platform for renaissance friends and friends of friends, to share their sparkle of wisdoms or inspiration.


We want to engage a very diverse group of participants, all sharing a deep passion and drive to grow and to evolve into their true-self.


We already posted our “what if story” our “turning point moment”. Now it’s your time. We would like you to send us your “two minutes video aha story” at info@renaissance-cec.com.


Everything is welcome, from a deep thought to a simple phrase, that at one moment changed your life. We invite you to share that experience and how it shifted your way of living.


We will be posting one of your stories every Sunday on Renaissance website.


Our dream with this platform is to have fun, to inspire and be inspired by each other by sharing simple and meaningful real life moments.


One video at a time we will continue to evolve together by adding more awareness in the world.


We truly believe that inspiration is the key for motivation to find meaning in life as well as to achieve whatever is important for you.


And now it’s your time to inspire and get inspired: