Free Your Wings Leadership Workshop

To improve collaboration and innovation in your team.

Ideal for companies who are looking for ways to inspire their teams to think outside the box and reach their full potential.

What if the intersection of diverse talents has the power to create a solid foundation for authentic motivation, confidence, sustainable innovations and growth?”

Key Outcomes

  • Self-Awareness:
    elevate authentic self-confidence
  • Inclusion and Connectedness:
    create a common aspirational vision where everyone is an authentic leader*
    (*everyone that take seriously their own development and invest on it)
  • Communication and Collaboration:
    create a common language based on the capacity to see and appreciate each other unique talents and contribution


  • A program designed around the unique talent of each team member
  • From the individual to the team for a sustainable and authentic collaboration
  • Practical exercises to elevate awareness of the team full potential
  • The journey begins with an individual CliftonStrength assessment as a starting point to create a common language among the team

“When you shift your thoughts from scarcity to abundancy, unlimited opportunities will come to you”

Lou Ann Daly

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